Innovation by design

The world famous shipyard of CMN is situated in the French port of Cherbourg. It is here that the combination of a highly skilled and experienced workforce, plus a modern, undercover production facility is used by CMN to construct its outstanding products.
In the 50 years since the formation of CMN, over 350 vessels have been built, or are currently on order at the Cherbourg shipyard.
This total includes over 285 military craft in wood, aluminium, steel and advanced composite materials.

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The activities of the Cherbourg shipyard include the design and the construction of the vessels plus the design and integration of the combat systems...

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Baynunah PDG


The various types of vessels designed and built by the CMN Shipyard include the Combattante, the Vigilante and the Interceptor families.

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The modern warships built by CMN are very sophisticated and complex. The ability of the client’s personnel to correctly operate and maintain such vessels is of paramount importance to operational success.

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Know How

CMN has a long and fruitful experience in the design and production of naval vessels and research vessels. Cmn design Office is teaming up naval architects and designers with marine engineers,

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