Robust and seaworthy constabulary patrol crafts in the range from 40 to 80 meters

Beside the combattante line CMN has developped its highly successfull Vigilant family of general purpose patrol vessels to meet the maritime surveillance and offshore protection requirements of navies and paramilitary forces worldwide.

Originally conceived for offshore patrol applications, the Vigilante Portfolio includes medium size and larger designs ideally suited to patrol in the exclusive economic zone out of 200 nautical miles. Vigilante designs has been engineered to meet a wide range of requirements while remaining affordable through life.

Robust in conception they offer excellent seakeeping and high standards of accomodation to ensure that extended patrols can be executed without compromising crew comfort and equipment operability.


Missions :

  • Surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ)
  • Protection against narcotics, smuggling and aliens intrusions
  • Control of navigation
  • Fishery protection and pollution control
  • Rescue at sea